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October 2018


       from a hobby to reality...       

All of this started from Marie wanting to use a product that didn't irritate her skin. She tried to support a local business to get shea butter but could never catch them with the product stocked.  M & N Smooth Sensation LLC was created through the desire to have the shea butter ready and on hand. We stand by our natural-based products to promote healthy hair and skin. Our hearts and souls is poured into this company. M.N.S.S started in October 2018, through Maries research and studying of other who shared the same interest. The Armstrong Family has always taken pride in being a part of the community and engaging in the lives of countless people so why not start a business that will benefit their hair and skin. For M.N.S.S our business stems from more than making a dollar we want to provider quality products locally that promotes an image of beautiful hair and skin amongst everyone. We pride ourselves on the time spent to prepare these products and is very grateful for those interested, we look forward to growing in knowledge and this business. 

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